We specialize in investigating plant microbiomes and particularly the role of microbiota in adapting plants to vegetation in environments polluted with heavy metals. The results of our research find application in the bioremediation of polluted areas and in sustainable agriculture.



1. MINIATURA 4, The role of endophytic yeasts Sporobolomyces ruberrimus in the plant response to iron excess and starvation, 2020/04/X/NZ9/00310

2. OPUS 17,  Mechanism of plant endophytic fungi interactions. The role of the endosymbiont in plant phosphorus metabolism, 2019/33/B/NZ9/01372

3. OPUS 14, The role of endophytic fungi in the resistance of Arabidopsis arenosa on high content of toxic metals, 2017/27/B/NZ8/01199


1. ERA-NET FACCE SURPLUS, Developing Ni agromining on ultramafic land in Europe acronym(AGRONICKEL), FACCE SURPLUS/I/ AGRONICKEL/02/2016

2. TANGO, Biotization technology for commercial and ecological fruit berries production; TANGO1/269101/NCBR/2015

3. Innovation Incubator + – Jagiellonian University, Nanocomposite materials with microbiological properties based on immobilized layers of metal oxide deposited on metallic substrate, contract no. MNISW/2017/DIR/II+

4. MAESTRO, Endophytes as a new tool in phytoremediation, UMO – 2011/02/A/NZ9/00137